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Replication Project Information
CD and DVD Mastering

Mastering and replication have evolved quite a bit over the years.  While the process has become more streamlined and some steps have fallen by the wayside as technology progresses, when it comes to mastering, some constants remain.

Preserving Data Integrity with Media Archiving

Information is the lifeblood of any company or educational institution. The amount of it accumulated over time can be considerable, but when the media used to store it becomes less reliable in the process, the results can be devastating. An entire history of information collection is vulnerable. Media archiving is the ideal solution to avoid the risk of losing this critical data.

Managing Media Replication Projects

Effective project management ensures production of the highest quality product and a timely delivery. Unless you are experienced in the media replication process, however, effective management may not come easily.

Guide to New United States Postal Service Regulations

To the surprise of many in the replication, packaging, and fulfillment industries, the United States Postal Service changed the specifications that define what is considered a letter.

Choosing Between Offset and Screen-Printed CD and DVD Labels

There are situations where offset or screen-printing is best, and the project requirements, rather than a replicator's abilities, should determine which method is used. No single format fits every project.

Duplication versus Replication for CD and DVD: What's the Difference?

Understanding the differences is important in determining which process is best for your project. A duplicated CD/DVD is not only created using a different process than a replicated CD/DVD, but the actual final product is also different.

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