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DVD Replication & DVD Duplication

Media Archiving Solutions, Inc. in Boston offers state-of-the-art DVD replication and duplication services to clients anywhere in the world. No DVD replication project is too large, too small or too complicated.  We are experts in the field and are happy to help you learn more about this media. Call 617-859-9969 or email us, and we will walk you through your first DVD replication order!

Not sure which DVD service fits your project? To learn more about the differences between DVD replication and DVD duplication, click here.

Media Archiving Solutions, Inc. now can offset print or screen-print your DVD replicates. By offset printing your DVD replicates, we can more easily match your other offset materials. ADR provides DVD-R duplicates with your choice of full color Everest Rimage thermal printing, full color adhesive Litho labels, or screen-printed labels. Samples can be provided upon request.

Our DVD replication & duplication product line includes:

  • DVD 5 Replication
    (Single Sided, Single Layer) holds 4.7 GB
  • DVD 9 Replication
    (Single Sided, Dual Layer) holds 8.5 GB
  • DVD 10 Replication
    (Double Sided, Single Layer) holds 8.5 GB
  • DVD 18 Replication
    (Double Sided, Dual Layer) holds 17.0 GB
  • DVD-R Duplication
  • Video Compression
  • DVD Authoring and Encoding
  • Add Chapter Points and Menu Creation
  • CSS Encryption
  • Fulfillment and Distribution Services


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