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Digital Authoring & Compression

There are many forms of analog and digital video. At Media Archiving Solutions, Inc. we are able to transfer any videotape format to any digital video format.Digital authoring & compression

An advantage of DVD over VHS is that it provides random access of the video. In other words, the viewer can skip from section to section, and return to the beginning without fast forwarding. DVD also plays professional quality video, viewable on a full screen with multiple audio tracks; not available on VHS.

It is also possible to view video from a CD. CDs are less expensive to replicate than DVD, but like VHS, the video is consumer quality. It can not be viewed on a full screen, and the limited storage area on a CD allows for no more than 30-40 minutes of playable video. We can transfer your video to a CD format using MPEG 1 or MPEG 3 compression.

We also have the capability to transfer your video to a DVD format, using MPEG 2 compression. If you would like your viewer to enjoy the random access capability of DVD, we can encode the video and add chapter points to allow for this function. For additional functionality, we can also design a menu or work with the menu you design, allowing the end-user to choose which video section to view first.

Should you need video accessible from the web, we can transfer your video to any video-streaming format, such as RealPlayer10.

Contact us with any questions on digital authoring and compression.  We're happy to provide more information and  help customize a solution that best meets your needs.


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