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Media Archiving

Information is crucial to companies and educational institutions.  Over the years, the amount accumulated by either can be staggering, but its importance remains high.  Unfortunately, analog-based media often used to store older data becomes less reliable over time, making an entire inventory of critical information vulnerable.  The impact of such a loss can be devastating and costly.

Media Archiving Solutions, Inc.offers a sound solution in the form of media archiving.  The process is an ideal solution to remove the risk of losing vital data stores.

Media archiving involves migrating information from older analog formats to digital formats such as DVD or hard drives, or web-ready formats such as Windows Media, Quicktime, Realplayer, Flash or podcasts.

In addition to providing a more reliable storage solution, media archiving provides robust management functionality so that the data is more easily accessible and more easily controlled.

The benefits of migrating from analog to a digital format are considerable, and include :

  • improved data security
  • simplified media storage
  • easier data management
  • streamlined access to data
  • online access
  • wide selection of storage options

At Media Archiving Solutions, Inc., we appreciate that every collection of data is unique.  Our expert staff is well-versed on all digital formats and can recommend the best storage solution to meet and exceed your archiving needs.  Contact us today for information on media archiving can save your critical data and give you piece of mind.


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