Boston-based media replication for clients around the globe.

Boston's Media Archiving Solutions, Inc. has provided a full range of media replication services, including CD and DVD replication, duplication, compression and packaging for years.  Further, we provide distribution services to the independent film community.

We understand each project is unique, and specialize in custom solution development, specifically tailored to our client's media replication needs. We are proud to have reached our 11th anniversary and appreciate the trust our replication clients in Boston and around the world place in us. While this is an important milestone, we are committed to providing services second to none.

Our comprehensive replication and duplication services as well as our customized project management solutions allow us to effectively position each client within their market. Call 617-935-9944 or request a quick quote today to find out what Media Archiving Solutions, Inc. can do for you.

Duplication & Replication

boston cd replication Media reproduction is not a one-size-fits-all venture. Whether Boston based CD & DVD replication or CD & DVD duplication services are required, we evaluate each project to identify the most cost-effective means to deliver an outstanding finished product.

Our suite of CD replication services includes state-of-the-art offset or screen printed CD duplication. We also provide business card, mini CD and CD-R duplication.

Offering some of the most comprehensive DVD replication services in Boston, ADR can accomodate DVD-5, DVD-9 and DVD-10 formats and custom print solutions.

Whether you have a Pacific Rim, Europe or Boston replication project, we look forward to working with you to ensure its success.



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CD and DVD Mastering

Mastering and replication have evolved quite a bit over the years. While the process has become more streamlined and some steps have fallen by the wayside as technology progresses, when it comes to mastering, some constants remain.

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